Deirde Karger

Energy Meets Style

Handmade Custom Adornments for Badasses

What I do

I make one of a kind custom pieces designed to support your specific journey or ceremony or everyday life. In ceremony everything we wear and adorn ourselves with has meaning, is intentionally worn to support us and to work with the energy around us and so should it be in our everyday, walking around life. My pieces are designed with your inner BadAss in mind, to support you and what you are working with or through in life. 

How I Do It

I love the process of creating.

I connect with my inner BadAss unicorn and get lost for hours infusing my creations with medicine and magic.

I have pieces I make for purchase right off the website, which are created with certain energies  in mind. 

I can custom build a piece  specifically for you. 

All are infused with BadAss unicorn magic.

Unique, Intentional & Powerful

Malas & Necklaces

Earrings & Bracelets


Some love

From Our Customers

״I love everything about this brand. All of the products are sustainable. The delivery is really quick, and the service is warm and friendly :)״

Julie Morris

״The stuff is really amazing here. I was searching for this kind of eco shop for a long time. This shop is a great fit for vegans like me, strongly recommended!״

Brian Kelly

Malas & Necklaces

To adorn your neck or your wrist and inspire you with their special magic.

Earrings & Bracelets

Ears and wrists need beauty and inspiration too!


Small to large size mojo bags, power pouches, holders of secrets (or whatever you want to call them!) made out of leather or fabric designed to hold magical crystals, herbs, loose change and wishes.

Essence Readings

A chance to be seen and to get an idea of the intrinsic nature of you.

Express Yourself

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