Deirde Karger

I am Deirdre

I am a seeker. I am on a path of radical self responsibility and continual growth.
I am mischievous.
I am an introvert.
I am a body worker by day and have become a creatrix of wearable, energetically charged adornment by night. I(t’s a really good balance.)

I've been a body worker since 1996, which takes a toll on the aging body (gosh darn it) and I was looking for something else that was easier on my body and still engaged my mind. A few years ago I found it.

It all started when a friend made me a Mala and then she showed me how to make one for my son. That Mala was my gateway experience into the world of making jewelry or adornments, as I like to call my work, and I was hooked. I love the symmetry of the Mala. I love the tactile nature of stringing the crystal beads together and spending time with the them, hearing what they have to tell me. I love the colors and the energy of the finished product. I love how they feel when I wear them. Basically I love all of it, in case that isn’t clear. Since that gateway experience with the Mala I have added earrings, bracelets and power pouches to my repertoire. Who knows what I’ll try next!

The Malas and Jewelry

Adornment is something that adds attractiveness. That attractiveness can be physical, energetic or spiritual. When you see some of my pieces I’m hoping you feel an attraction to specific ones because of their color or their style or because their energy is pulling you to them. They are adornments for ceremony, for rituals and for every day life. They can support you, teach you, work with you and walk your path with you.

What I believe

I believe the pieces we adorn ourselves with should beautiful and affordable. They should speak to you as you are in the moment, they should reflect who you are in the moment. They may be with you for a few months or decades, either way you will develop a relationship with them so they need to be special.

Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through."

Janelle Monae

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