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The Process

Custom Design

Ceremony is a part of life. Weddings, baptisms, graduations and funerals are  ceremonies marking life transitions. Our ancestors honored these ceremonies by adorning themselves with jewelry, clothing, and hair styles that had specific meanings to them. 

If you have a ceremony coming up that you want to add meaning to with a specific piece of jewelry we will work together to find what that is and make it a reality.

If you are going through a transition that is not honored with a ceremony like a divorce, a child leaving home or just a really tough time we can work together to design a piece that will support you through it.


Step 1: Consultation & Rose Essence Reading

Congratualtions! You have decided you want a custom piece made. There is nothing like wearing something made specifically for you, it is magical. 

The first thing we will do is have a consultation complete with a Rose Essence Reading. The reading helps me to see who you truly are and gets the creative juices flowing. (Don’t worry, who you truly are is beautiful.) I’ll ask questions, you’ll answer them, we’ll laugh, maybe cry and in the end we will have a good idea of what we are going to create together.  To schedule your  Essence Reading  click this link.   

Step 2: Design & Material Selection

Once we’ve gotten to know each other a bit we will start to narrow things down to what type of jewelry you want, the materials you envision it being constructed with and what you want it to look like. 

Step 3: Creation

Once steps 1 and 2 are done I will head off to my lab and start coming up with design options. As soon as I have a few ready I will send you a text or email complete with photos, maybe a video, of the options and we will hone the process down until we have created  what you envisioned. 

Step 4: Shipping

When I have finished your piece of magical adornment I will pack it with care in and send it off for your approval!

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